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The aim of the trust is to further the life chances of young people in our community in a socially responsible and ethical way. Membership is open to Students, alumni, staff, parents and the community and anyone can join so long as they are committed to the values and principles of the International  Co-operative Alliance. ok

There is a close partnership with Mount Street Primary School (also a Co-operative School) and Lipson Community College with the head teachers of these schools being Trustees. Partners include the Learning Institute, the Race Equality Council the Local Authority for Plymouth and the Co-operative Group. All of our local primary schools have a representative who is a Trustee.

Within the Trust there is a council, called the forum, which meets three times a year. The forum is made up of elected members from the constituencies (staff, parents, alumni, students and community) who help share and promote the work that is being undertaken in these constituencies. Each member has an equal vote in any decision taken by the Trust regardless of status. Through this group we develop a working understanding of how the Trust carries out its objective and ensure that the values and principles are adhered to.


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